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Version change log

Version 0.20.1 (current version)

Released: 10th May 2021.

  • Windows version now accepts FFmpeg builds with a slightly different version format, available via one of the sources linked from

Version 0.20.0

Released: 21st April 2021.

  • Versions of Audio Orchestrator for Windows and for Macs with the M1 chip are now available, in addition to the Intel Mac version.

  • An Images and effects behaviour has been added, allowing authoring of timed images and lighting effects as part of an orchestrated audio production (e.g. as used in the trial production Monster). The images and effects are attached to audio objects and therefore can be flexibly allocated to devices in the same way that audio objects are.

  • A new Gain adjustment if behaviour has been added. This can be used to modify the gain of an object (i.e. make it louder or quieter) depending on some conditions.

  • The Modulo is zero comparison operator has been replaced with a new operator Every Nth value, which makes it simpler to match repeating patterns of values and now allows an offset at the start of the number sequence.

  • An option to enable playing and pausing a session from an aux device has been added to the Appearance page.

  • A fade out can now be applied to objects when they stop being allocated. The fade out length is customisable on the Appearance page.

  • The main device and aux devices now show the number of connected devices with a loudspeaker icon in the status bar.

Version 0.18.0

Released: 21st August 2020.

  • Audio Orchestrator and the prototype application can now handle stereo files. See Preparing audio assets for more details.

  • The example project was updated to use stereo files.

  • The list of connected devices is now shown on the joining instructions page for all devices, not just for the main device.

  • A script has been included to try to keep devices awake while the browser is in the foreground.

  • Some bugs related to audio encoding have been fixed.

  • The link to the fixed behaviours documentation from the Audio page in Audio Orchestrator has been fixed.

Version 0.17.0

Released: 20th July 2020.

  • Initial release.