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Exiting an Application

The framework has a method you may call to exit the application, or return to the TAL application that launched yours.

Returning to a previous TAL application

The framework is capable of launching new TAL applications and returning through them. It maintains a history stack automatically that’s passed from application to application. For information on how to launch a new TAL application in a way that generates the history stack and provides other convenient functionality, see the page on Launching.

To check whether the framework knows about a previous TAL application, obtain a reference to the current application and use:


The hasHistory() function returns True if there is at least one previous TAL application in the history stack.

To return to the last application in the history, use the back() function on the current application:


It is safe to call back() even if there’s no history. In this case, it will work the same as exit() (see below).

Exiting to broadcast or the widget page

To exit the running application and return to the broadcast or widget page from which it was launched, use the exit() function on the current application.

Obtain a reference to the current application, then call the function exit():


You can check to see if the device supports exiting by obtaining a reference to the device object, then calling:

if(device.exit !== Device.prototype.exit) {
/* code to execute when exit() is supported */