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TAL is licensed under Apache v2.0

TAL is licensed under a dual licensing approach. You are welcome to make submissions under the Apache v 2.0 licence.

If you want to contribute to TAL but are short on ideas, check out our Bug List.

There are two ways you might become a contributor:

Contributing small patches and bug fixes

We want to make contribution of small patches and bug fixes as easy as possible. The Apache v2.0 licence makes it straight forward to accept such contributions. Clause 5 of Apache v2.0 permits us to include your patches in return for copyright acknowledgement in the AUTHORS file.

Contributing new features and improvements

If you want to contribute more than just bug fixes and small patches we ask that you complete and sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA).

The purpose of the CLA is to define the terms on which you contribute your work to TAL and lets us know that everything you contribute is your own. This ensures we can safely include it under the terms of the Apache Licence, Version 2.0, protecting the project and anyone who uses it.

The CLA is a licence agreement only; it does not transfer copyright ownership and does not change your rights to use your own Contributions for any other purpose.

Completing the Contributor Licence Agreement

You can find the CLA here.

When completing the CLA, please be very careful to enter all the information requested, including your email address and Github user name if you have forked code for us to merge.

The BBC has adapted a dual licensing approach and can make available TAL under a separate propietary licence agreement. Please contact us for details of these terms.

Acceptance Criteria

We welcome contributions. In order for us to accept a contribution we require that code is supported by tests and documentation.