Broadcast Universal Gateway

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Control and monitor a wide range of equipment from a single web interface.

You can run BUG on a server within your network. A single web page then allows you to add panels that control equipment. Examples include, network switches, video and audio codecs, video matrixes and many more.

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Getting Started

  • Installation - Installation guide for any operating system
  • Modules - A list of equipment that can be controlled and implemented functionality


We welcome development of additional modules for BUG. A module adds additional control or monitoring functionality to BUG. In principle a module normally represents control of a specific piece of hardware or a service. For example a single module exists to control Blackmagic Videohub matrices and another modules to monitor and report on a NewTek NDI discovery service.

An instance of a module is a panel. Multiple panels of the same type can co-exist in BUG. Learn more about developing your own below;

Open Source

BUG is just one of many Open Source projects at the BBC. Check out the full catalog - https://www.bbc.co.uk/opensource/.