Team guide, Accessibility swarms

Accessibility swarms are a practice that we carry out in BBC News. We do this because accessibility is a team responsibility.

This practice also:

Accessibility swarms take place on all new front-end code, this means any change to HTML, CSS or front-end JavaScript code.

Who should take part?

If it's a new component or feature, hold a team accessibility swarm:

If it's a small change, carry out a developer accessibility swarm:

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Planning for swarms

The level of accessibility swarm, team or developer, should be defined up front and documented as a requirement before the development phase.

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When should a swarm take place?

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How long will a swarm take?

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How to carry out a swarm

Before the swarm starts, prepare a document to make a note of any issues. Also ensure you'll have all the equipment you need:

At the start of the swarm:

During the swarm:

After the swarm:

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Moving to the test phase

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Top tips

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