Team guide, Accessibility swarms

Accessibility swarms are one of the practices that help us meet the BBC Mobile Accessibility Guidelines. Assistive technology testing forms part of this practice, along with other accessibliity checks. We do this in a swarm format because accessibility is a team responsibility.

This practice also:

Accessibility swarms take place on all new front-end code, this means any change to HTML, CSS or front-end JavaScript code.

Who should take part?

If it's a new component or feature, hold a team accessibility swarm:

If it's a small change, carry out a developer accessibility swarm:

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Planning for swarms

The level of accessibility swarm, team or developer, should be defined up front and documented as a requirement before the development phase.

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When should a swarm take place?

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How long will a swarm take?

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How to carry out a swarm

Before the swarm starts, prepare a document to make a note of any issues. Also ensure you'll have all the equipment you need:

At the start of the swarm:

During the swarm:

After the swarm:

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Moving to the test phase

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Top tips

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