Assistive technology guide, Testing with assistive technology

As a miminum test web products with all supported assistive technology (AT) to be considered acceptable for a live release.

The assistive technology is based on results from the 2019 WebAIM screen reader survey, 2016 GOV.UK assistive technology survey, along with advice from BBC assistive technology specialists and audience statistics.

Supported AT

Test with the latest version available.

Mobile supported AT
Assistive technology Operating system Browser Category
TalkBack Android Chrome Screen reader
VoiceOver on iPhone iOS Safari Screen reader
Voice Access Android Chrome Speech recognition
Voice Control iOS Safari Speech recognition
Desktop / Laptop supported AT
Assistive technology Operating system Browser Category
ClaroRead or Read&Write Windows Chrome Reading solution
ZoomText Magnifier / Reader Windows Chrome Screen magnifier with speech
JAWS Windows Chrome & Edge Screen reader
NVDA Windows Firefox ESR & Chrome Screen reader
VoiceOver on Mac Mac OS Safari Screen reader
Dragon Windows Chrome Speech recognition
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When to test with AT

Test with assistive technology as part of:

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How to test with AT

Ensure your team has all the equipment you will need, then follow the testing steps.

The testing steps enable anyone, in any role, to use any of the supported assistive technology for the first time.

Always follow the testing steps. This ensures everyone is testing with the same methods in a consistent way, using common techniques.

If the language or languages of your product are not ones that you understand, see the assistive technology testing in a foreign language guide

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Top tips

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