Accessibility should be considered from the start of the product life cycle and throughout.

To gain an understanding of accessibility features and what to look for it is recommended to attend the Accessible UX course and complete the Accessibility for Web Developers (Internal BBC link) online course. The Introduction to Screen Readers (Internal BBC link) course would also be very useful.

  1. Are you aware of the BBC Accessibility Standards and Guidelines?

  2. Do you have an understanding of what Assistive Technology we support, such as screen readers? And how to use this?

Checklist - Before sign off

  1. Product level - Has accessibility been fully considered for the product feature?

  2. Awareness - Has the BA and Design Team been made aware of accessibility points to consider when developing the feature?

  3. Design process - Has there been an Accessibility Review for the product feature? (Part of the design checklist)

Checklist - When live

  1. You can use the bbc-a11y Pa11y Dashboard to check for code errors against the BBC Accessibility Standards. Note passing the standards does not mean a product is useable. This dashboard is to be released early 2017.

If you would like to get more in depth knowledge please refer to the Tester checklists and tools.

Checklists for other roles in the team