Hive CI is a CI system built around devices

Connect your physical devices to a hive and run your tests on the same platforms as your users

Lots of mobile devices

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Hive CI is language & framework agnostic

At the BBC we have loads of different apps with loads of different testing requirements. If you can run your tests on a device then you can run them with Hive CI

Calabash UI tests on mobiles

Appium browser and native app tests

Javascript TV application automation

Live monitoring

Device performance tests

Android monkey tests

Lots of mobile devices

Hive CI is test aware

Hive CI understands what tests you're running, and the devices you're running them on; so it can be smarter about parallelisation and retries

Lots of mobile devices

Simplifying Device Management

Hive Mind keeps your devices in check. It's an all-in-one inventory and monitoring solution. Deploy it with Hive CI or standalone.

Lots of mobile devices

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Test Result Analytics

Testmine is the central database for all your automated test results. Compare results across devices and environments. Track historical trends. Spot unreliable tests.

Lots of mobile devices

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BBC Hive Open Source Test Tools

We've built hundreds of libraries and frameworks to make our automated device testing easier. We're making many of these available externally along with Hive CI

Lots of mobile devices

Open source test tools